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Making Games on Roblox

Students will learn how to make worlds and 3D models for their games, and how to make their worlds come to life with coding on Lua

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What the course is about
This course will teach kids how Roblox.Studio works. They’ll learn to make their first game and upload it to Roblox
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What they’ll learn

While teaching students Roblox, this practical course will also cover how to:

code in Lua language
work in Roblox.Studio
use 3D modeling tools
Do project work and game design
Deliver discipline, teamwork, and presentations
Project assignment: at the end of the course, kids develop their own projects from start to finish
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Lesson Plan

1 Module

3D modeling, working with 3D objects

Introduction to Roblox.Studio interface, generating landscapes

1. Introduction to Roblox.Studio interface, generating landscapes.

2. Studying the game world, tools to work with objects, the explorer window, adjusting the materials and colors of objects.

3. Creating complex objects, grouping objects, window management.

4. Learning Roblox biomes, advanced landscape tools, work with toolbox objects.

2 Module

Detailing the world, basics of coding on Lua

Learning different shapes with blocks

1. Learning different shapes with blocks.

2. Building a castle with a keep in the mountains, adding location details.

3. Further development of the game world, adding easter eggs.

4. Adding more details to the world, presenting the project.

3 Module

Roblox Racing Game,
part 1

Making the game world, racetrack, and surroundings

1. Making the game world, racetrack, and surroundings.

2. Making the basics of the car, adding details to the car, detailing the racetrack, preparing the project for scripting.

3. Learning the variables, the script for changing traffic lights, the barrier before the start.

4. Learning loops, conceiving an app's main loop, creating the main loop for the game.

4 Module

Roblox Racing Game,
part 2

Learning functions, making the “car respawn” function

1. Learning functions, making the “car respawn” function.

2. Learning branching, adding checkpoints on the racetrack.

3. Adding the win conditions to the game, the timer from the start of the race to finish.

4. Finishing the game, presenting the project.

5 MOdule

Murder Mystery Game,
part 1

Making the game world

1. Making the game world.

2. Detailing the game world, scripting weapons, part 1.

3. Implementing the weapons scripts, part 2.

4. Scripting the core gameplay.

6 Module

Murder Mystery Game,
part 2

Learning GUI, making GUI

1. Learning GUI, making GUI.

2. Finalizing GUI, scripting GUI.

3. Finalizing gameplay scripts.

4. Finalising the game: debugging and testing.

7 Module

Tower of Hell game, starting to work on personal projects

Making towers

1. Making towers.

2. Finalizing gameplay scripts.

3. Finalizing the idea.

4. Ideas for personal projects, making the game world.


Final Personal project

Finalizing the game world

1. Finalizing the game world.

2. Finalizing the gameplay scripts.

3. Finalizing GUI scripts, work on details.

4. Presenting the project.


Projects by our students

We believe it's most effective to learn by doing. We don't have boring lectures, and in our lessons kids make real games and applications.

13 years old
Flappy bird

Flappy Bird — my first gaming project on PyGame! Press space and jump!

10 years old
Infinite road

This is my infinitely entertaining game! I really wanted to make something distracting and fun, and that's how I came up with the idea for this project.

student photo
10 years old
Car of my dreams
Digital Intro

This is the car of my dreams. I tried really hard to add some of the most important details.

student photo
12 years old
Geometry Dash on PyGame

This is my interpretation of Geometry Dash. I used Python to make it, and the game is so fun. My friends like it too.

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Chat Bot
Teacher at the state project Campus-2019 and Campus-2020; Creator of an application for making chat-bots and AI for kids
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Computer Science
Organizer and head judge of the international robotics competition Roboskills
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Computer Science
Published in the Advances In Science and Technology XXVIII collection

Requirements for new students

Before starting the first lesson, kids need to have the following skills:

Ability to operate a mouse
Ability to read and write
Have a basic knowledge of English
Have basic computer experience, even just a little
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How our lessons work

Review the subject of the previous lesson and take a look at the homework.
Delve into the new subject and join groups, under teachers' supervision, to solve the first assignment(s).
Students individually solve more advanced assignments, and at the end, they usually try fun, gamified tasks.
At the end of class, the teacher and the group summarize the lesson, repeat everything they've learned, and prepare for the next topic.
lessons in a course
minutes per lesson
students per group

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In this free lesson, your child will meet the teacher, learn the interface of Roblox Studio, and personalize a template for racing projects, including adding their own elements and writing their first script.

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