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Roblox game development

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Game design
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About this course

The course focuses on learning the LUA programming language, as well as modelling your own 3D locations. The course teaches the basics of programming, which will serve as a starting point for the student to develop into a professional programmer. The course develops creative and spatial thinking by 3D modelling of various objects. The students will create their own games and develop design thinking.

    • Basic knowledge of LUA language
    • Creating games in Roblox Studio
    • 3D modelling
    • Level design

Project example

Course results
Learning the LUA programming language
Course results
3D modelling of objects and locations
Course results
Fundamentals of animation, visual and sound effects
Course results
Creating your own 3D game
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Jack London, 12, studies Roblox

Course curriculum


How’s a regular lesson on the Kodland platform?

First Meeting
The student connects to the platform according to the instructions given, gets acquainted with the teacher and the classmates
Hands-on approach
At each lesson, the student learns a new topic, consolidates his knowledge in practice, and then does his homework
Project creation
Mid-course, the student decides on the topic of his or her own project and begins to working on it
Project presentation
The student publishes his or her project online and presents it at the course graduation