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the new digital Wonderland

We provide an environment for students to master digital skills that will help them navigate in the new reality and create their own digital inventions

At Kodland kids are the main characters

Kids have the power to change the world. We insipre them to believe in themselves and bring their ideas to life.

Educational principles we stand for

Children’s interests and goals are at the heart of educational process
Soft skills, such as critical thinking and teamwork, are just as important as hard skills
We provide a safe digital environment where kids can learn, create and thrive

More than just numbers


We've created our dream educational space

We use modern teaching methods with hands-on approach and communicate with students as equals. We cheer successes and teach to take mistakes as experiences.
When we were kids, we wanted to study among like-minded people, get support from teachers, and create cool projects in real life. We achieved all of this at Kodland, a place where, since 2018, children's ideas turn into real projects.
Kodland team