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the Kodlandworldof teaching

The educational process is designed with a balanced program between useful skills and interesting learning

Learning is easy on the Kodland platform

Learning materials, interactive tasks, academic performance analysis, lessons, and their recordings — all in one place.

Monitors tasks performance in real time, prompts and motivates students
Brings students together in a community where they share ideas and discuss innovative projects
Works directly from the browser — no need to install anything
Tracks the student's progress and analyses it

Learning online works


The program is designed to keep the child engaged and stimulated


Online learning is at least as effective as regular learning, and much more convenient


All communication between kids is moderated

How’s a regular lesson on the Kodland platform?

First Meeting
The student connects to the platform according to the instructions given, gets acquainted with the teacher and the classmates
Hands-on approach
At each lesson, the student learns a new topic, consolidates his knowledge in practice, and then does his homework
Project creation
Mid-course, the student decides on the topic of his or her own project and begins to working on it
Project presentation
The student publishes his or her project online and presents it at the course graduation

Kodland tutors

At Kodland, they are not just tutors – they are guides, helping children reach their destination.