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How are the lessons held?

The classes take place on our Kodland platform. You can connect via any browser.

You will receive all the necessary links and instructions on how to install the software on your mail once your child is enrolled.

Who are your tutors?

Instructors are experts in their fields with teaching experience. Everyone who works with students undergoes preliminary competitive selection and training. As a rule, tutors have higher education in one of the areas: pedagogical, technical, information technology.

Can we join the classes through mobile devices: phones or tablets?

Our platform is optimized for computers and laptops. On a tablet, Kodland platform may not work correctly, and within our platform is where students write their codes. On a phone, kids won't be able to code and create digital products.

How can I track my kid's progress?

All courses have a graduation project. This is a big assignment that kids work on at the end of the course, and then present the project at their graduation. You can also go to the platform and look at the number of points earned on each assignment, or check with the instructor about your child's progress.

How does the trial class go?

The tutor will introduce you to our platform on which the students are studying, then conduct an in-depth diagnosis, which is aimed at identifying the detailed interests and aptitudes of your child, carried out in order to find the right course. You will learn more about our school, you will be able to choose the right track for your child and the learning format.

How can you prove that your company is real? What if you are scammers?

We are an international educational platform offering opportunity for online education all over the world. Currently, we have approximately 1000 students from the UK who educate with us. You can see all the information about us and read the reviews on our website and Trustpilot. You also might want to attend free trial class with a tutor so that you can see for yourself that we are a feasible company.
Check Kodland Terms of Use as well.