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Will we have a supervisor? Do you have a support chat?

Questions related to technical connection, payment and organizational moments will be solved by our curator. You can always email us at or call us: 442080897765

How much is one class? Do you have an installment plan or a referral program?

The price varies depending on the format (group or individual classes) and the number of lessons in the package purchased.

We also have a Referral program — you can invite a friend to Kodland, and if they decide to continue studying with us, we will give you 4 free lessons.

What if my kid skipped the class or the class was cancelled?

If you are studying in a group format, we will send you a recording after the missed class so that the kid can review the material and study it on their own. If your kid misses two classes per module (4 classes), we will offer you a separate session with your tutor for additional study of the material. If you are tutoring individually, please notify us in advance of any cancellations. If you do not give us 12 hours' notice, or if you do not show up for a class, we will charge you for that class. The next class will follow your regular schedule. Read more

Can we change the tutor/course/schedule?

We are interested in making the learning process comfortable for you. You can always write to us to or call us: 442080897765 when you have questions about the learning process. We'll do everything to help you.

What age is the course for?

Our courses are designed for kids between 6–17 years old.

Will my kid get a certificate after finishing the course?

We give our graduates electronic certificates, which will become a great addition to your child's portfolio. Our certificate is a document confirming the completion of a certain course.