Magic of code with Scratch

Visual programming in Scratch and basic algorithms for creating games and cartoons
Game dev
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About this course

This course is designed for elementary school students who are expressing interest in the IT sphere. The children will be introduced to Scratch — a visual programming language that will help them develop their logical and creative thinking.

Throughout the course, the students will transform a number of Scratch projects, both individually and cooperatively. The ultimate goal of the course is to teach the students how to create games and cartoons on their own.

    • Create your own 2D games
    • Create your characters 
    • Create your own project from scratch

Project example

Course results
Knowledge of basic concepts of algorithmics and programming
Course results
Ability to apply variables, loops and conditions
Course results
Ability to create simple physics in games: scrolling, gravity, speed change, repulsion
Course results
Usage of coordinates in 2D Projects
Course results
Basic skills: design, storytelling, work with the built-in sound editor, etc.
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Nisya Rifan, 9, studies Scratch

Course curriculum

М1: The First Scratch projects

L1: Basics of Scratch. The first project.

L2: Sprite movement in Scratch.

L3: Magical graphics editor. Creating your own magical assistant! 

L4: Debugging projects. What is a bug? 

L5: Koddich - a programming competition for the real wizards!

Result: The very first Scratch projects at Kodewarts School of Magic

М2: Animation and sounds in Kodewarts. 

L1:  Scratch-events.

L2: Principles of animation.

L3: Backgrounds and music. 

L4: Creating your own magical music group!

Result: A unique animated music app.

М3: The magic of creating games.

L1: What is a game?

L2: Games for Beginners. 

L3: Keeping the score: learning how to work with variables.

L4: Interactions in games.

L5: Bonus Levels. Learning how to make games harder.

L6: Creating a puzzle game in Scratch!

L7: The second season of Koddich!

Result: A complete game featuring basic gameplay mechanics.

М4: The role of storytelling in the game development process.

L1: Gameplay mechanics - the ingredients for a great game! 

L2: Dialogues and text in games.

L3: Custom blocks: why we need them, and how to create them.

L4: The development of the game’s scenario

L5: Learning how to create characters and direct scenes

L6: Looking for bugs!

L7: Koddich: Final.

Result: Story-based Games in Scratch.

М5: Advanced Scratch

L1: Extensions in Scratch.

L2: Learning how to recognize videos!

L3: Creating clones.

L4: Program design development.

L5: Another debugging session!

Result: Scratch projects with amazing possibilities.

М6: Hackathon. Creating graduation projects!

L1: How careful planning can help you create the best projects!

L2: Developing our most amazing project yet!

L3: Why are testing and feedback so important?

L4: The secrets behind a successful demo!

Result: A unique project that has passed all stages of development.

How’s a regular lesson on the Kodland platform?

First Meeting
The student connects to the platform according to the instructions given, gets acquainted with the teacher and the classmates
Hands-on approach
At each lesson, the student learns a new topic, consolidates his knowledge in practice, and then does his homework
Project creation
Mid-course, the student decides on the topic of his or her own project and begins to working on it
Project presentation
The student publishes his or her project online and presents it at the course graduation